Viupay Cashless Frequently Asked Questions

 Activate Viupay cashless  by dialing *236#

Viupay Cashless is a platform that enables users  to make or receive cashless payment for goods and services.

Viupay cashless is a product of Royal Media Service, powered by JamboPay.

Users can access Viupay Cashless services via USSD by dialing *236# from any phone.

Receive and make payments. Merchants, including matatu conductors, bodaboda riders and other vendors of goods and services can opt into a till into which their customers can make payments using mobile money.

  • Anyone who has a till (boda-boda, matatu, business owners) have the following benefits by using the Viupay system daily  – Hospital Cashback of upto Twenty Thousand Kenya Shillings ( 20,000) for injuries sustained through accident, a permanent disability cover of Upto One Hundred Thousand Kenya Shillings(100,000) and in the event of death a last expense amount of One Hundred Thousand Kenya Shillings(100,000)
  • Viupay Cashless transactions are not reversible from either the commuter or the till owners side. There is an elaborate reversal process to protect both the customer and the till number owner.
  • Viupay cashless is convenient and has relatively less charges for the till services.

Yes, Viupay Cashless operates under regulation of  the Central Bank of Kenya.

This is a digital payment repository from Viupay Cashless operated by an opted-in merchant  into which their customers can make payments for goods and services purchased. Till owners can later on withdraw their collection into mobile money options or as cash from a Viupay Cashless Agent.

Transactions made via the Viupay Cashless Till are not easily reversible as in the case of peer-to-peer mobile money payments.

Any vendor of goods and services who receives payments in digitals forms and are at risk of losing their collections through transaction reversals. Merchants facing challenges in cash-based payments such as difficulty in getting change can also opt in to Viupay Cashless tills. Viupay Cashless tills are ideal for:

1. Matatu fares
2. Bodaboda fares
3. Grocery shops
4. Salons and Kinyozis
5. Kiosks, mini shops and shops
6. Hotels and restaurants

Refer to the how to section of the Viupay.co.ke website on how to use our services.

All customers are not charged when making payment through the Viupay Cashless till.

From as low as 1 shilling

Viupay Cashless allows transactions of up to Kenya Shillings  One hundred and fifty thousands (150,00)per transaction  and Kenya shillings three hundred(300,000) per day.

There is no cost of acquiring the till.

Call our customer care number (+254742991991) for initiation of reversal process

After every transaction you will receive a confirmation message showing details of transactions. This includes, a unique transaction code, Name of the person making the transaction, Time and date, the amount paid, The nature of services paid for and the till numbers balance. 

Viupay Cashless is only available when paying to a Viupay Cashless till.

To deactivate your Till number, kindly contact support on +254742991991

This is where you can deposit or withdraw till transactions.

One can acquire commissions depending on the amount transacted through the Viupay Cashless Agent

Anyone with established business premise, and valid business permit

Till owners can also be Agents

Dial *236# go to option 3, on agent activation, enter super-agent code 1835  then  a confirmation  message  will be sent with details. 

After registering as an agent  a follow up call will be made to establish location and discussion on how to acquire the merchandise.

Commission form will be shared to every agent after acquiring agency

Fraudulent activities should be reported to the nearest police station and also communicated to the customer care team. Via email to [email protected]

A Viupay Cashless Agent will communicate with the Customer Care for such an occasion.

This is where one puts funds for use.

One can budget on amounts that they wish to utilize for paying for goods and services.

Incase of mpesa delays one can use wallet amounts to transact.

1. Dial *236#.
2. Select my wallet option.
3. Select the top up option.
4. Enter the amount you want to top up.
5. Select the payment method
6. Enter the PIN information

Viupay Cashless Wallet has a pin which is set by individual and must be kept as secret

Your wallet has a pin set up which should be your secret.

1. Dial *236#.
2. Select my wallet option.
3. Select check balance option.
4. Enter wallet PIN.
5. Your wallet balance will be displayed .

1. Dial *236#.
2. Select my wallet option.
3. Select change PIN option.
4. Enter current wallet PIN.
5. Enter a new wallet PIN.
6. Enter a new wallet PIN again.
7. You will receive a message wallet PIN change